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Environmental health and well-being as a new frontier of hospitality

The lockdown to which we were forced by the recent pandemic of COVID 19, one side has virtually wiped out the presence in Italy of foreign travelers, the other pushed the Italians to search for "home" an accommodation facility healthy and sicur to where spend their holidays . To push Italian travelers to decide in this sense was partly the fear of being contaminated by the coronavirus and partly by the need to contain expenses because its capacity had been significantly reduced by the lockdown .

But the desire for holidays was so strong , because driven by the desire to rest and forget COVID 19 at least for a while , that the traveler in order to leave has reduced the duration of his vacation even to a single week, but to spend well , in a well-kept, healthy environment that is very clean and properly sanitized.

The search for an accommodation facility where you can stay in safety and health is limited in most cases to viewing the communication, most of the times very general , about the conditions of environmental well-being offered by the rooms of the structure in question.

A more effective communication today consists in providing its customers with indications, in addition to leisure services, also indications regarding:

· air quality present in the rooms

· level of hygiene offered by the surfaces

· absence of environmental risks such as: legionella, electromagnetic fields, radon, viruses, bacteria, allergens, etc.

· adoption of operational protocols to ensure more effective cleaning and sanitization of the environments.

This is because the traveler is increasingly aware of the value assumed by healthy well-being in their daily life.

It is an increased awareness of wanting to feel good that influences his travels and makes him look for accommodation that can also offer high levels of safety, health and environmental well-being .

But how can accommodation facilities meet these needs for greater attention to health? How can they communicate the availability and offer of services attentive to the health and well-being of the guest in order to always have the guest at the center?

The offer of Healthy Room rooms , that is healthy rooms , today represents the greatest attention that the accommodation pays to the health and well-being of its guests .

It is a moment in which the traveler is very worried when he has to move for work or for leisure , he is afraid of touching the surfaces of objects, furnishings, tools, systems, he is afraid of being contaminated by the coronavirus and of ending up in quarantine and risking getting sick.

The fear of coming into contact with surfaces contaminated by viruses and bacteria is also due to a lack of information or a communication shortly effectively carried out by the accommodation . It lacks most of the time the clarification that the air and surfaces of their environments are surroundings and c i and sanificat the continuously and effectively, safe and certified.

Customers are increasingly “informed” and “more careful” when booking a stay if their health, safety and well-being are at stake.

Effective communication represents , today more than ever, the new frontier of Hotel Hospitality .

The traveler must not see more as a passive subject, but as an active subject who wants to be informed to choose kings and choose well .

But how and where to communicate the presence of an offer that soddisf to the increased needs of the most traveler safety and well-being?

The first online guide to healthier and safer Hotel Hospitality , responds to this need.

This is the first reference portal for travelers and families looking for structures that are healthy and attentive to health .

In fact on this Guide are present the hotels that provide healthy rooms Healthy Room and healthy environments Healthy Place , ie environments with a level of hygiene, safety and greater environmental well-being to the standard , so able to reassure customers and welcome them with the welcome phrase:

"Relax! You're in a Healthy Place ”

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