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Luxury travels in Italy, between Healthy Hotel and High Quality Food

Your healthy stay choosing the right hotel room

With the aim to make know the best of the Italian lifestyle, the blog "Good habits & Quality foods", beside lifestyle, cooking and Italian products, will dedicate a special space to the “Healthy Rooms” presents on the website, a real guide to healthy hotels. They represent the best of the Italian hotel sector.

A blog to promote the purest Italian style

The blog is a place created to talk about the best food we've found, recipes, tips, healthy foods, lifestyle and more. We love to encourage all the followers to mix their way of cooking with a little bit of Italy. That's why we like to push everybody to rediscover old recipes with a new special touch. Articles are focused on Italian lifestyle, healthy foods, recipes, tourism and made in Italy. Followers come from EU, Usa, Can, Middle eastern Asian countries. The readers are people with high spending possibilities, used to travel in Italy because of their job or during holidays ... and loving the true Italian way of living. Good habits & Quality foods develops content independently and is hosted by Italian Food Joy (that offers a free space), a marketplace website devoted to the best Italian foods with a newborn section devoted to Italian wines.

Special foods and wellness made in Italy

The editors consider high level Italian foods such as paramount heritage. Knowing how and by whom all the foods we propose are produced, is part of the Italian way of life. In these websites, is possible to find products the finest Italian delicatessens and those served in quality restaurants by renowned chefs in their Italian dishes. They are prepared by small artisan family businesses looking jus for the best quality. We consider these to be little, perfectly shareable luxuries for the palate.

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